Active Campaign Cost

Most people ask, “How much does ActiveCampaign cost?” Well, first things first: you can explore the product for free with a trial to see if it’s the right tool for you. You have the option to upgrade to the Pro Plan after your 14-day FREE trial is over. Keep in mind that it’s not about how many contacts you have; with every plan your use of each contact increases.

Campaign Lite

For 500 contacts, the monthly Active Campaign works out to $9 per month. For 1,000 contacts, it’s $29 per month. For 2,500 contacts, it’s $49 per month. The more contacts you have, the higher the cost per month will be. This plan includes all the features of the Standard Plan, plus additional features, like marketing campaigns.

ActiveCampaign Pro Plus

If you have 500 contacts or less, your monthly cost will be $49. If you have 1,000 contacts or less, the cost is still $49. If you have 2,500 contacts or less, the cost is still $99. And if you keep adding more and more activecampaign review contacts to your list over time, the cost per month will go up accordingly.

ActiveCampaign Enterprise

The active campaign cost per month for up to 500 contacts is $149, which is the cost for our basic professional plan. If you need 1,000 contacts instead of 500, then the price stays at $149 per month ($99 new customer pricing). If you need 2,500 contacts instead of 1,000, the price also remains at $149 per month. The cost increases to $209 for 5,000 contacts and any more than that will continue to go up.

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